Luxury Jewellery Boutique Metal Extendable Black Necklace Stand - D44L

25W x 15D x 35H (cm)
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Luxury Jewellery Boutique Metal Extendable Black Necklace Stand - D44L is available to buy in increments of 1

This ravishing display item is part of our exclusive comprehensive window and showcase display dream collection for your jewellery shop, whether your business is an arcade jeweller, an antique jeweller, an auction house, high street family jewellery shop, diamond retailer, a contemporary shop, ladies fashion shop, art gallery or a museum shop and aimed at a high-end price point. It makes your visual merchandising job and shop design really simple.

Luxury Jewellery Boutique Metal Extendable Black Necklace Stand - D44L with dimensions of 25cm by 15cm by 35cm (width, depth and height) and in our experience it can fit one long statement neck piece.

The style of this display is innovative and inspired to provide the most comprehensive solution on the retail supplies market as it considers your whole, vast jewellery collection and provides a solution.

The gorgeous black high-quality leather-look fabric outer covering allows your jewellery to truly sparkle with an attractive soft backdrop. The texture of the fabric is very delicate and works well with the contrast of the bold, excellently crafted metalwork. Due to the unique structure of this extending neck stand, please use it with caution and care..

The main use is for a necklace and can make a permanent or evolving collection at your window showcase or interior showcase to present your jewellery and accessories.

Finally, this display can be customized and personalized to fit at your jewellery shop at a proportionate size to the cabinet and its contents, please read our bespoke section for up to date ideas.

If you like this display, it will coordinate perfectly with our metallic display props, steps and earring stand to curate your jewellery display exhibit with more shiny gold accents.