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Experts in producing a variety of jewellery packaging and jewellery display products for you since 1990, with elements that are hand-made. Rest assured we can print and customise packaging swiftly with our in-house set up.

What We Do

"Welcome to Jaykom, your go-to destination for jewellery shop packaging and display solutions. Whether you operate a fine jewellery boutique or a traditional family-run jewellery store on the high street, we are your ultimate supplier for a wide variety of jewellery packaging products. Our extensive selection offers exceptional quality at affordable prices, ensuring that you have access to premium packaging solutions for your jewellery needs."

Since we launched our UK business in 1990, our goal and passion has been to provide tailor-made packaging, displays, and bags to honour the story of your designs and your clients' special occasions. Whether it's luxury brand watches and jewellery, garments, scarves, cosmetics, or wines and spirits, we have the perfect range of fine quality case, boxes, bags, trays, and display necks to store, safeguard, and showcase your products.

About Us


Inspired by timeless elegance and by the enchanting allure of a serene exotic jewellery boutique, the luxury suite pays homage for the most glamorous stone jewellery and craftsmanship with an unmistakable presence in your shop.


Design - Inspire - Deliver

Are you looking for a fresh approach to your jewellery packaging and shop displays?


Our collections are timeless and eclectic, we keep in tune with jewellery, fashion and furniture design trends to make beautiful, meaningful packaging and display products that are long-lasting. Jaykom’s product portfolio comprises all areas of luxury, premium and fast packaging and presentation. Take advantage of our expertise to create a bespoke packaging and presentation design that fits your brand identity and your corporate design perfectly or choose from our expertly curated stock collections. We are a family business committed to forming a relationship lasting the length and spanning the breadth of your business.


We inspire and drive our whole jewellery industry forward through our rigorous work ethic in bringing the latest and most consistent packaging and presentation products to the market, which in turn enables you to create an exciting point of sale, as well as unboxing experience for your client. As we are constantly innovating and developing new products, it is easy for your brand’s experience to remain at the forefront of your client’s mind.

Choose from our extensive catalogue collections in our online shop to find the products that are perfectly tailored to present and store your item. Most items can be customised with your logo in-house, see here for more details.


Multiple carefully selected production facilities in the Far East provide the foundation for manufacturing at scale and economically. Quality and standards are maintained through our on-site personnel, our frequent visits and sampling processes. Our shipping agents and logistics teams work together to ensure timely delivery to Europe. We offer ready stock collections here in the UK, meaning goods can be branded and delivered at record speeds.


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