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White Column Medium - D19Q 18.7cmW x D x H (cm)
White Pillow Small - D9C 5.7W x 5.7D x H (cm)
White Pillow Medium - D9B 9.5W x 9.5D x H (cm)
White Pillow Large - D9A 14W x 14D x H (cm)
White Necklace column - D3C 160W x 325D x H (cm)
White Set of 5 risers - D3B 160W x 20/106D x H (cm)
White Set of 7 risers - D3A 152W x 152D x 11/180H (cm)
White Column Large - D19R 24.7cmW x D x H (cm)
White Stud/ Earring - D9D 16.1W x 4.4D x H (cm)
White Column Small - D19P 12.7cmW x D x H (cm)
White Block Large - D19E 8W x 8D x 15H (cm)

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