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Red Heart Ring Box - J22F 5.3W x 5D x 3.3H (cm)
Red Rose head ring box in Clear box - J90J 7.9W x 7.9D x 5.6H (cm)
Red Bear Ring Rox - J90T 4.5W x 4.5D x 6.0H (cm)
Red Helicopter Ring Rox - J90Y 7W x 4.5D x 5.7H (cm)
Red Basket Ring Rox - J90U 4.5W x 4.5D x 6.5H (cm)
Red Lizard Ring Box - J9F 5.5W x 4.7D x 3.6H (cm)
Grey Lizard Ring Box - J9F 5.5W x 4.7D x 3.6H (cm)
Burgundy Swan ring box - J90Z 5.4W x 5.8D x 7.6H (cm)
Gold Fancy ring gold box - J90S 5W x 5D x 3.5H (cm)
Red Shell ring box - J90Q 6W x 6D x 5H (cm)
Red Stawberry ring box - J90P 4.8W x 6.4D x 4.4H (cm)

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Whatever type of packaging you are after, we're proud to offer a huge selection of collections to choose from for all tastes and occasions. This includes birthdays, weddings, Father's day, Mother's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, engagement and many more. 

Choose from black ring boxes with slot cushions, glossy, matte finish, premium to low-cost options. The range of colours on offer - including black, red, burgundy, clear, mahogany brown, walnut, glossy, and natural grain - won't just complement your jewellery but reinforce the branding of your store. And don't forget that many of our items can be customised and personalised with your logo, brand or slogan.