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Black Matte Wooden Bangle Box - J32H 10W x 10D x 5H (cm)
Black Ring Box - J35F 6W x 6D x 5H (cm)
Beach Ring Box - J33F 7W x 6D x 5H (cm)
Dark Wood Earring/Stud Box - J31K 6.4W x 6.4D x 4H (cm)
Dark Wood Pdt/Uni Box - J31J 10W x 10D x 5.5H (cm)
Dark Wood Bangle Box - J31H 8.7W x 9D x H (cm)
Dark Wood Bracelet Box - J31G 24.3W x 6.4D x 3.8H (cm)
Dark Wood Ring Box - J31F 6.4W x 6.4D x 5.2H (cm)

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Our wooden jewellery boxes are all hand-made, with a luxurious matte or high-gloss finish. They all come packaged with a matching rigid outside box, which means they are well protected. Wooden boxes are fitted with interiors to specially suit the unique jewellery they are going to showcase. The modern Mohagany and traditional Walnut are the most comprehensive wooden box collections.