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Black Earring/Pendant 20 part - D20M 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
Black Shiny Earring/Pendant 20 - D20M 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
Black 24 part clip ring - D20D 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
Black Luxury Small Bangle tray 6 - D22B 22W x 29D x 10H (cm)
Black Set tray - D21A 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
Black Studs 24 - D20L 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
Black Studs/Pendant 24 - D20L 22W x 29D x 4H (cm)
White 16 part ring New - D2B 23.8W x 23.8D x 4.2H (cm)
Black 16 part ring New - D2B 23.8W x 23.8D x 4.2H (cm)

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Create a stunning point of sale for your customers with our range of displays for retail, boutiques, online shops, and personal use. Whether you're a jeweller, goldsmith, gift shop, fashion store, auction house, or designer, give your merchandise the attention it deserves with our eye-catching collection of displays. Our attention-grabbing displays are as impressive as the precious items they hold.

From necklace busts, multiple ring displays, earring showcase, chain bracelet slope stands, and bangle stands, to earring t-bar displays, bangle stands, bangle trays, ring holders, and pendant pads, put your jewellery on a pedestal with the perfect showcase for your brand.

Designed to attract customers, our stunning displays in a variety of finishes could help turn browsers into buyers. Choose from a variety of styles such as luxury, glossy, matte, rose metal, and seasonal. We can even mirror the style, branding, and corporate design of your shop by customising your chosen display items with your logo.

No matter what type of displays you need for your shop, boutique, or upcoming event or expo, you will find what you're after at Jaykom. We're constantly adding new displays to our offering so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly. Due to the fact we hold a huge collection of stock right here in the United Kingdom, we offer a quick turnaround on delivering your displays. And if time is of the essence check out our next day delivery service.

When you want to showcase your products, we've got you covered.