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Red Velvet Medium Set box - J56B 19W x 19D x 4H (cm)
Red Heart Ring Box - J22F 5.3W x 5D x 3.3H (cm)
Red Rose head ring box in Clear box - J90J 7.9W x 7.9D x 5.6H (cm)
Red Bear Ring Rox - J90T 4.5W x 4.5D x 6.0H (cm)
Red Helicopter Ring Rox - J90Y 7W x 4.5D x 5.7H (cm)
Red Basket Ring Rox - J90U 4.5W x 4.5D x 6.5H (cm)
Classic Bangle Box with White Clip - J1H 9W x 8.6D x 4.8H (cm)
As low as £1.85
Classic Bracelet Box - J1G 22W x 5.4D x 2.3H (cm)
As low as £1.75

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