Contemporary Beige Matte

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Tall Necklace/Pendant Block - D48T 12W x 4D x 22H (cm)
Small Necklace/Pendant Block - D48U 12W x 3D x 14H (cm)
Long Bracelet Block - D48O 20W x 5D x 5H (cm)
Medium Square Neckace Block - D48N 14W x 5D x 14H (cm)
Small Square Bangle Block - D48M 8W x 8D x 2.2H (cm)
Double Metal Tall Earring Stand - D48J 15W x 7.5D x 22H (cm)
Large Ring Cone - D48A 3D x 8H (cm)
Small Ring Cone - D48B 2.5D x 5H (cm)
Bracelet/Bangle T-bar stand - D48C 12W x 7D x 12.5H (cm)

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