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Blue Necklace box Small - J2C-10 14.5W x 20.7D x 3.5H (cm)
Black/Black Gift Set Box - J6J 26W x 18D x 7.5H (cm)
Black Matte Wooden Bangle Box - J32H 10W x 10D x 5H (cm)
Red Velvet Medium Set box - J56B 19W x 19D x 4H (cm)
Red Heart Ring Box - J22F 5.3W x 5D x 3.3H (cm)
Crocodile Bangle Box - J5H 9.6W x 9.5D x 6.3H (cm)
Crocodile Earring Pendant Box - J5J 9.3W x 9.7D x 3.9H (cm)

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All of our boxes for jewellery in this area are broken down in the type of material they are made from or how the box opens. The Hinged Boxes range is predominantly recycled plastic molded boxes covered in thin paper making them look and feel luxe. If you like a luxuriously textured finish have a look at the Lizard boxes, they are an excellent way to show elegant jewellery with class and tradition interlaced. You will also find economical paper boxes, plastic boxes, mid-range velvet boxes and magnetic boxes, and luxurious wooden boxes