Black Double Bangle Set Box with 2 Black Wide Clips - J1Q

19W x 9.5D x 7.5H (cm)
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Black Double Bangle Set Box with 2 Black Wide Clips - J1Q is available to buy in increments of 12

This jewellery box is part of one of our bestselling collections making it especially suited to family jewellery shops and aimed at a value price point for the scale and size that it can hold gold, silver and antique bangles whether in 22ct or a highly finished and crafted fashion piece.

The Classic Black Double Bangle Set Box with 2 Black Wide Clips - J1Q with dimensions of 19cm, 9.5cm, 7.5cm (width, depth and height) and in our experience it can fit 12 slim bangles or 4 large bangle comfortably.

The style of this packaging is classic due to the gold edging and squared corners making it perfect for storing and displaying. For opening and closing, this box utilises a strong hinge which makes it secure for high-value items and easy to use.

The leatherette outer finish on a solid plastic shell core makes for a sturdy solution. The interior of this jewellery box contains a clip to hold the bangle easily and to display within the box.

The recommended use is for any type of bangle be it a cuff, a wide bracelet or even multiple Sikh Punjabi kara. It can make an appearance at your milestone anniversary, birthdays and other special occasions to present diamond, pearl, ruby, emerald or sapphire jewellery to your loved one.

Finally, this box can be customized and personalized in hot foil with your logo, brand or slogan inside the lid at a proportionate size to the box and its contents.

If you like this box, you are sure to like the rest of the Classic Series of Packaging which has variations on this box to suit the exact size and proportion of your jewellery set.